Our philosophy to children’s dance

To provide a fun & stimulating learning experience.
To develop self discipline, self respect & confidence.
To provide a place to develop creativity & appreciation for dance & music.

ilovesmdcAbout our Studio

The Sally McDermott Dance Centers are well equipped and spacious studios providing quality dance training for children and adults. We believe that dancers of every age and level, beginner through advanced, require the very best instruction. Our professional staff has certifications from National Dance Teacher Organizations, more than 10 years of training in Tap, Jazz and Ballet, performance and teaching backgrounds, and several teachers hold degrees in education and child development.

About our Director

Sally McDermott Heaney has more than 30 years of experience teaching children of all ages. She received her early training from Sue Scheffler and Eleanor Thompson as well as the Boston Ballet and Dance Theater of Boston. She has received several dance scholarships including Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Pennsylvania Ballet Company and Dance Theater of Boston. Sally is an active member of Dance Master’s and Dance Educator’s of America. Mrs. Heaney has also performed professionally and continues to study dance in Boston & NYC.

Message from the Director

The kindness and respect afforded the students at this school inspires them to strive for their personal best. The SMDC believes in a professional dance education for all students, whether they are aspiring professionals or not. We cannot foresee the opportunities in our children’s futures. Children’s dance skills will develop in a variety of ways, and their love & devotion of dance will also develop at different times. Your child’s dance experience does shape their perspective of life. As parents, your role is to choose a dance program that will develop your child’s confidence and character.

Here at the SMDC each child is important to us. The kindness and respect afforded the students at this school inspires them to strive for their personal best. The rewards of dance in a professional school comes to each student through inner awareness and growth, not ribbons and trophies. The enthusiasm and joy each student experiences is a result of personal achievement, not outward competition. Our small class size fosters careful and progressive development of each student’s artistry. Good dance training awakens everyone’s senses and stimulates emotional, physical and intellectual growth!

Yours in Dance,
Sally McDermott Heaney