Competition Make Up

1. Everyone must wear foundation. Preferably a water based foundation like Pancake (Max Factor makes one) or Mineral Powder. The purpose of the foundation is to make the skin one even tone (including eyelids and under eyes). The everyday Cover Girl/Maybelline/Revlon/L’Oreal foundations have lots of oils and moisterizers in them which are not good for stage makeup. The bright lights illuminate one’s face and an oily foundation just maximizes the shine. Loose powder must be applied and reapplied before every stage performance to minimize shine. Girls that have a very light skin complexion should use one shade darker. The bright lights wash the dancer skin tone house.

2. Coloring your eyebrows is also a must for everyone. Even if you have dark/black eyebrows you want to fill in the eyebrow so there is no skin showing. You want a neat, thin brow. You should accent the natural eyebrow. Try not to color the skin (except when extending the ends of the brow).

3. White matte (not glittery) eyeshadow is then used to highlight under the brow on the brow bone. It should start about 1/4 of the way in from the middle of the brow and extend outward to the ends. You will want to use an eye shadow brush. Foam applicators do not work nearly as well. Patting the eyeshadow into the skin is more effective than sweeping the shadow across the skin. Walmart sells an eyeshadow brush #20497. It cost about $2.00.

4. For eye shadow please use L’Oreal 106. It has 4 different shades in it. The darker one will be used for the entire laid up to the crease of the lid. It should be darkest right about the lashline. You want to use an eyebrow brush as well, blending the makeup upward and outward. Be careful not to get the dark shadow towards the inner corners of the eyes. If you are unable to find the shadow try Maybelline’s “Made for Mocha” 225S or Revlon’s “Rich Sable” 009.

5. Black eyeliner will be used to line the top eyelid. A clean thin line should be applied from the inner corner of the lid all the way to the outer corner. You may use pencil or liquid. No skin should be showing between the eyeliner and the eyelashes. The “wing” should extend no more than 1/4 of an inch. It should not extend downward or straight, but upward following the dancer’s natural eye line.

6. A medium brown eyeshadow will be used underneath the bottom eyelash line starting midway extending and extending outward. Again and eye shadow brush should be use with the shadow. The brown should not be heavy but very subtle.

7. Between the 2 eyelid lines apply another line is white. A white eyeliner pencil is best. White eyeshadow will make too thick of a line. You may also want to highlight the inner corner of your eye.

8. Revlon Powder Blush #090 Smokey Rose will be applied to the cheek. You will want to use a big blush brush not the little applicators that come with the makeup. You will start outward near the hairline and bring the blush inward not going below the lip line. The heaviest blush should be towards the hairline becoming lighter as it comes in towards the lips.

9. Everyone must line their lips with lip liner. It acts like a base or glue for the lip stain. The new lip stain has a thick applicator making it more difficult to create a clean crisp line. This will aid in the shaping of the lip.

10. For any dances with a red costumes, Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor Ever Red-dy 507. All other costumes wear Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor Wildberry #560. You will want to use a lip liner that matches your lip color.

11. Lastly the false eyelashes will be applied. Only the thick eyelashes by Salon Perfect for being used. Style #33 black. You may find them at Walmart or CVS.

12. Remember to apply loose powder constaly to reduce shine practice your stage makeup before performances. It makes it a lot easier and stress free when you practice.

Here is a video for you to watch:

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