Leap and Learn

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Come Grow and Learn

Leap and Learn is a fun and educational environment for your child to grow developmentally, socially and emotionally.

The Value of Play

Through series of songs and interactive themes, your child will enhance his/her language development, body awareness and social skills which will further build their self-esteem and physical and mental skills.

Benefits of Leap and Learn Play Classes

  • Emotional Growth
    At Leap and Learn, your child will learn to make decisions, act and react, imitate things they see and hear and reflect the world as they see it. They will practice their independence in a safe environment, with a parent never more than a “hug away”. Your child will enjoy being around other children as they begin to walk & run, speak & sing.
  • Gross and Fine Motor Growth
    With Leap and Learn, your child will practice walking, running, pulling & pushing toys, jumping in place and off of raised surfaces which will further enhance his/ her gross motor skills. Through play with parachutes and bean bags, your child’s fine motor skills will develop along with their hand-eye and eye-foot coordination.
  • Social Growth
    As your child begins to grow, it will be important that her/ she understands to take turns, take directions from someone other than a parent ( teacher, coaches…) and develop a sense of “self”. With Leap and Learn, your child will experience pride & confidence, and start to feel more comfortable interacting with other child their age.

LeapSmallClass Descriptions

  • “Crawlers” – (6-20 Months)
    From 6 to 12 months, it is important for your child at this age and stage to start to crawl and walk and explore their environment in new and different ways. Your child will start to become more independent but still need Mom & Dad’s help to explore safely. With fun songs & positive support, your child will feel comfortable trying new & exciting things! Our Leap and Learn curriculum calls for your child to sit & play in a group setting, crawl along the mats, pull his/ herself up to their feet, practice passing items from one hand to another, reaching & grasping & eventually walking with the help of Mom or Dad.¬†From 12 to 18 months, your child will begin to feel pride and it is important that he/she takes new risks, and our special equipment at Leap and Learn allows just that. Through new and more challenging obstacles, your child will navigate a safe environment on their feet through running, jumping, leaping & rolling. Practice with body awareness, balance &d language development will be sure to leave your “little one” with a positive self-image & trust in their own abilities.
  • “Explorers”¬†– (18 Months – Preschool)
    As your “little one” grows, we at Leap and Learn believe it’s important that he/she develops the proper upper & lower body strength to manipulate their new “vertical” world. As he/she is running & jumping, they are practicing their creative movement and becoming skilled at perceptual challenges. Your child will use their more complex vocabulary in various songs & understanding more complex directions. With the help of beanbags & parachutes, your child will practice problem solving & imagination. Getting your growing child ready for pre-school & eventually kindergarten is a big and important step in development. Practicing being social & taking directions from adults, other than Mom or Dad is as important as tuning the fine motor skills your child will eventually use when cutting with scissors & writing their name. At Leap and Learn, bean bag play & obstacle courses help your child’s reflexes & fine motor development in a safe environment where they will feel free to express their excitement at learning & mastering new & challenging skills.